When I think of the word unfolding it reminds me of origami.

I remember trying the technique with a friend once when I was young, playing with the different coloured papers to make a little crane or a fish. The process required fairly precise instructions from a book, one fold followed by another to create the wings or the tail of the chosen animal. A few times we skipped a step and had to unfold and try again and we reacted to these mistakes by laughing at ourselves and other times we mumbled in frustration. Once we completed the piece it more-or-less appeared like what we had started out to do. There were little creases shown where we’d made mistakes in folding, or the paper was torn on the edge, a little rough around the edges, but beautiful in its own way. I recall being pleased with the work I did and housing the figures on my shelf for many years.

Looking back this process is not far off from the practice of asana. Folding and unfolding ourselves in yoga postures. Working with and around our injuries. Trying a posture, the alignment within it and reacting with laughter, tears, frustration, anger, curiosity, abandon, delight. Our bodies carrying these old scars, hidden memories and some limitations. We learn how to adapt to changes that alter our internal and external environment in postures, and progressively they also seep into our daily lives.

As my body and my practice is adjusted to these ever-changing environments, I am encouraging myself to adapt. Not just adapt, but enjoy the adaptation, enjoy the process of the unknown unfolding.