Relaxation Massage

While Lauryn is completing her training for Registered Massage Therapy, she is currently working as a Spa Therapist offering Relaxation Massage at the Float House. Located on the outskirts of Chinatown, you can pair a 60 minute massage followed by a 90 minute float -a dream come true! Book online or call in.


Indian Head Massage

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Chämpi—the Indian word for massage…

is an ancient technique used to stimulate pressure points and Chakras and access the Meridian Lines within the body. The massage is experienced sitting upright in a chair with the use of Sweet Almond Oil . The massage flows through the upper half of the body including; arms, hands, shoulders, upper back, neck, chest, head, finishing with gentle acupressure on the face. 

This practice focuses on the upper four Chakras; Anahata (heart), Vishudda (throat), Ajna (third eye) and Sahasrara (crown) to restore them to their high vibrations and remove any blockages. A wonderful treatment for headaches, migraines, neck stiffness, poor circulation and toxins in the neck and head. It promotes clear thinking, enhances your senses, improves memory and gives you lustrous hair. Leave feeling tranquil, well balanced and limber at completion. 

A single massage treatment is 60 minutes with discussion before and after.


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What are clients saying about the experience?

How lucky I was to experience an Indian Head Massage with Lauryn. It was the most nourishing and healing therapy I have had for years. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, lit by dozens of candles, and smelling subtly of flowers and spice. I relaxed the moment I arrived. The massage was both invigorating and deeply relaxing. Lauryn is gifted with wonderful massage skills combined with sharp intuition on what the body requires. Thank you for a remarkable and incredibly therapeutic massage, I am still feeling the benefits weeks later.
— Amanda
I recently had the pleasure of receiving an Indian head massage from Lauryn. She was lovely and professional, and the head massage was a wonderfully relaxing new experience for me. I would highly recommend her!
— Molly