Movement Offerings

Available to work one-on-one in private lessons and small groups upon request.
Currently teaching at Quantum Yoga Club in Victoria, BC


Hot Yoga

Practicing now for over 15 years, Lauryn has a genuine appreciation for the 26&2 series. This was the first yoga class she was captivated by and looks to make your experience the same. A practice that moves through an alphabet of asanas, largely based around spinal movements, applying mental focus and static holds. Here you build a fusion of strength, challenging physical and mental edges, and explore your flexibility within those. Lauryn's goal is for students to arrive at the end of practice feeling refreshed and well-balanced. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to explore this series.


Yin Yoga

The Yin practice is an opportunity to slide over to the other side of the spectrum. These asanas melt your body into new shapes and places using long holds and lots of props. You're guided through a slow-moving journey navigating the seas of boundaries as you dive into the deeper areas of our joints, ligaments and fascia. The idea is approach these poses in an entirely different way than the more Yang-style practice, shining a new light on what it means to soften, relax and unwind. Come one, come all.


Yoga Nidra

Take a horizontal life pause, or a 'sleep-wake nap'. This practice is suited to everyone -especially those that are in need of deep relaxation and rest. Lying in Savasana, and nested in blankets, pillows and props, you lie suspended on the end of your sub-conscious. You're guided through a body scan, visual journeys and pranayama. Deeply nourishing and revitalizing, a treat for the busy mind and body.

Top Notch Yoga Teacher. Always calm and collected, great vibes.
— Gabriel
Lauryn’s Yin class is unparalleled. She takes you on a beautiful linguistic path thru a vivid body meditation- like your walking down a lush restorative yoga garden made by Lauryn. She has subtle yogi-talk, clear & cool postures, and is a super light and compassionate teacher. This was the best Yin class I’ve taken ever full stop.
— Mandy
Thanks for an amazing, beautiful, restorative yin practice last night! Your wisdom and gentle guidance create a nourishing class environment for body and soul
— Danyel